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TaskMaster Heavy-Duty Farm Gates

TaskMaster Heavy-Duty Farm Gates

TaskMaster Heavy-Duty Farm Gates


Taskmaster Heavy Duty Gates - Size, Price Options
SKU # of Rails Length Price
LU-6RHDFG6 6-Rail 6' See Below
LU-6RHDFG8 6-Rail 8' See Below
LU-6RHDFG10 6-Rail 10' See Below
LU-6RHDFG12 6-Rail 12' See Below
LU-6RHDFG14 6-Rail 14' See Below
LU-6RHDFG16 6-Rail 16'  See Below
LU-6RHDFG18 6-Rail 18' See Below
LU-6RHDFG20 6-Rail 20' See Below
LU-7RHDFG6 7-Rail 6' See Below
LU-7RHDFG8 7-Rail 8' See Below
LU-7RHDFG10 7-Rail 10' See Below
LU-7RHDFG12 7-Rail 12' See Below
LU-7RHDFG14 7-Rail 14' See Below
LU-7RHDFG16 7-Rail 16' See Below
LU-7RHDFG18 7-Rail 18' See Below
LU-7RHDFG20 7-Rail 20' See Below



  • Available in 6 or 7-Rail.
  • Gates supplied with chain latch tabs & angle-welded hinges.
  • 4' sliding cowboy latch (additional $10.00 per gate).
  • 1" all thread hinges (additional $10.00 per gate).
  • If 4' sliding cowboy latch desired or 1" all thread hinges, please notify us in our contact form and we will add to your order. 

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Our price: $110.00
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