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Hog Confinement

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Hog Haven products serve the small hog operator's need for affordable and professionally designed feeding floors, nurseries, farrowing and all purpose Portable Confinement Units. Now, whether he rents or owns his land, the small hog operator can enjoy the benefits of professionally designed confinement units that offer features normally found only in permanent installations. Be sure to check out our online store to purchase many of these products.


Nursery Units

Farrowing Units

Feeding Floors

Multi-Purpose Animal House


  • Side and end panels open for ventilation
  • Sturdy, well designed and completely portable
  • Each unit mounted on skids for easy relocation
  • Easily altered floor plans to meet your need
  • All steel construction means years of service

Studies show that pigs raised or finished in a clean, comfortable environment gain weight better, stay healthier and are more efficient than those raised on dirt.

These units are easy to assemble, or can be shipped assembled to some areas from the factory. All hardware is provided for assembly.

For more information or to receive our price sheet, please contact us: - 620-273-6723 - 888-816-6707