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Mineral Feeder with Insect-a-sock


Insect-A-Sock Mineral Feeder allows self treatment is durable and effective.

Our two inch diameter sock attaches to the outside of our flap. The sock is filled with acrylic fibers. Insecticide solution clings to the surface of the fibers. As one of your animals lifts the flap to eat mineral, the solution wicks away from the fibers to treat the face, head and shoulders.

The proper use of our Insect-A-Sock reduces horn fly, lice, tick, and mosquito numbers on your animals. Face flies (especially horn flies) cause irritation and are one of the primary causes of pink eye.

Use an EPA approved insecticide. Always follow the instructions. Either diesel fuel or mineral oil can be used as a carrier. Re-charge the sock with about one gallon of mix every 7 to 10 days during fly season.

Our flap has 20 pre-cut slots to accommodate webbing. Webbing has a 12,000 lb. tensile strength. The ends are secured with a plated clamp.

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