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Hog Haven Feeding Floors
Hog Haven Feeding Floors

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Hog Haven Feeding Floors



  • Buildings are approximately 4' to eaves and 5'8" to peak.
  • Units can be divided into two or more pens.
  • Adjustable 2" x 6" oak floor slats are evenly spaced to reduce labor and can quickly be replaced.
  • Roofs are insulated to prevent condensation and to reduce summer heat. 
  • Floor is 22" above the ground to assure a clean, dry operation.
  • "All Weather" units available for harsh climates.
  • Units are easily assembled or can be shipped assembled to some areas from the factory. All hardware is provided for assembly.

These Hog Haven units come in four sizes, and each unit is reasonably priced.

Model Capacity Width Length
HH-1 50 Head Fat Hogs 12' 32'
HH-2 65 Head Fat Hogs 12' 40'
HH-3 23 Head Fat Hogs 8' 24'
HH-4 75 Head Fat Hogs 14' 40'



  • Insulated side and back panels
  • Plastic or wire mesh flooring

Ag-Mart supplies:  Piggy mats, creep feeders, infared heaters, sort panels, and more


Studies show that pigs raised or finished in a clan, confortalble environment gain better and are more efficient that those raised on dirt.

Sturdy, well designed and completely portable, the Hog-Haven will provide years of service with only minimal maintenance.  Since each unit is mounted on skids, you can easily relocate or reposition the units as you see fit

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